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How are our retreats different?

We welcome all belief systems.

We work specifically through the heart.

We allow space for each one to find their own truth and improve their discernment. 

We provide an open container to maximize learning. 

We experience & witness.

Using the tools that the Masters use, we explore the subtle vibrational and frequency differences between the perspectives of others and our own learning.

Our Guide

Juliette Donohue is a Mastery Level Coach and activator. Her mission is to sit on the evolutionary edge and bridge the gap between personal, professional and spiritual



Juliette has experience as a business coach, international coach across 20+ countries, personal coach. trainer for coaches, ceremonial guardian and spiritual coach. ​Honoring

those who paved the way, she is grateful for the mentorship she has received from:

Dutch Holland, George Parrish, Sandra Walter, Damien Wynne, Jonathan Goldman,

Luzia Krull, Adam Atman, Faith Davies, Judith Chambers and Clifford Dochterman.